Pilgrimage: mixed media arts exhibition

It was saturday night after i spent some time chasing sunset with my partner in Echo Beach, Canggu. that day i didn’t plan to go to this exhibition titled Pilgrimage as i don’t remember that it was still on going, while i was thinking about it for sometime before.

So after i got out of the beach, my partner decided to go home as we get on our own bike (and his home was in Ubud, yes we live separately), i stopped short on the way back home, and realized the exhibition isn’t really crowded. so i parked my bike in front of Deus Temple, and proceed to go inside on my own.


The artist name is Satria Nugraha, and he was known for made artworks from mixed media, like literally he used everything. and he did made the video that tv played in this corner, along with the silk print behind it, depicting the intention of the video.


This one is actually my favorite artworks here, titled “Beach House”. the feeling of seeing these series is really made me think of my dream beach house, onething that i really want to have here, in Bali.





The way he made these artworks from “trash” or everything he could find and touch, transforming it to these beautiful things, is mezmerising. i really enjoy this exhibition, and if, if, i have some money in my pocket, i really would like to buy one of his works. well, probably in the future tho lol.

It’s still on in Deus Temple, and make sure you check on it and buy it to support local artist! Enjoy!

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