BEACH Crowds.

It’s one of those day where rare sunset is happening in the rainy season in Bali. This one is in Kuta beach, Bali.






But this beautiful scene is somehow a little bit ruined by the trash that has been washed up from the sea, as the current cycle of Bali sea is reversing, leading up to the trash came up to the shore.







At this point I made this photo project to brought up awareness on the impact of plastic in human life along with how people seems ignorant and just throwing trashes everywhere but the trashcan. I really love beach and these things bothers me when i really want to do is enjoying the sand without have to stuck my toe on a plastic cup out of nowhere.

Sorry for ranting up.

here we go: 2019.

It’s almost in the end of January 2019. we’re going to the second month in this year.

Well i guess, the 2018 is kind of year that packed with ups and downs, along with wrong decisions but then it led to a bigger solutions lol.

I just hope that this year, everything will fall in its place, effortlessly. everything we did back in 2018 has led us to this time, to this place, and either it is good or bad, it is a progress.

somehow, 2018 did give me another point of view on my life. that i just lost something and finally gain something better, much much better. I’ve been losing some of time of my life accompanied with (maybe) wrong people, dwelling in a wrong environment, spending my money on things i don’t need, etc. and, mid 2018 i met someone and lose someone,  i gain something, i decided on things that i want, BOOM, i felt like my life just fast forwarded to the best part of it. and i don’t have much to complained, at all.

I am still living in Bali, my dream island. but, instead of living closer to the beach, i end up living up on the hill, in Ubud. no, I’m not complaining, since i get to live in a nice place that i could call it home, and it is literally a house along with my favourite person on it lol. one thing that i recognise here, Bali isn’t a place for those who think that you could build a nice relationship/jobs/friendship that long last in a easiest way. people come and go easily in here, and i do already met some of those people, either in a good terms or bad terms. and i realised that my circle is getting smaller and smaller, with me as an introvert person for starters.

I could quite sensing a person vibe that doesn’t really matched with me, i’ll quickly maneuvering out of that person’s zone. even though i think that is quite mean, but in order to protect myself from something that’s just going to ruin me, i choose to stay away at the beginning. and it has been happening twice this month. happily letting go assholes lol.

I’m going to try to embrace what i got this year, and struggling to achieve my biggest dream since i thought about it 5 years ago. finger crossed.

letting go(?)

it’s been a while since i moved to Bali, and feel the loneliness.
a week ago i’m going back to my home town, after out of the blue buying tickets a month before.

random sign.jpg
there’s a lot of these sign on the major street in Surabaya right now.
a heritage street in the middle of Surabaya, called Tunjungan Street. lots of old buildings like this one.

i never thought on going back to that place, a place where i live for 26 years, where i learn a lot of things before i go out and moving on. i find that Surabaya is growing a lot more than i knew 6 months ago when i’m back after Eid Fitr in June. Things really changing faster here, some stores close and changed to another stores, new roads being opened, i somehow almost lost in a road that i used to know because there’s a new bridge that connecting the other street to the one that i’m driving on.

a new kind of art instalation??

since i found my interest in photography came back, i kinda use my free time here to wander around and trying to capturing lots of photos. trying to figuring out about street photography, and Surabaya is a good place to start since there’s a lot of interesting places to go to.

yes you still can find becak in Bali, but it’s a rare view there. here, there are still plenty of them.
local heroes statues, since Surabaya is known as a city of Heroes from the story of guerilla war that happened several decades ago.

i just realised my life was good, but not as good as i am right now.
i think embracing the fact that some things need to be gone, some people need to be cut off of my life even though they are my family, that some things always changed no matter where you are, who you are, and what you are. time will never slow down just a bit.

the most captivating thing in Surabaya, the city lights.
i kinda find my new purpose with this kid.

so i guess i will live my life as it is, flowing freely.

Pilgrimage: mixed media arts exhibition

It was saturday night after i spent some time chasing sunset with my partner in Echo Beach, Canggu. that day i didn’t plan to go to this exhibition titled Pilgrimage as i don’t remember that it was still on going, while i was thinking about it for sometime before.

So after i got out of the beach, my partner decided to go home as we get on our own bike (and his home was in Ubud, yes we live separately), i stopped short on the way back home, and realized the exhibition isn’t really crowded. so i parked my bike in front of Deus Temple, and proceed to go inside on my own.


The artist name is Satria Nugraha, and he was known for made artworks from mixed media, like literally he used everything. and he did made the video that tv played in this corner, along with the silk print behind it, depicting the intention of the video.


This one is actually my favorite artworks here, titled “Beach House”. the feeling of seeing these series is really made me think of my dream beach house, onething that i really want to have here, in Bali.





The way he made these artworks from “trash” or everything he could find and touch, transforming it to these beautiful things, is mezmerising. i really enjoy this exhibition, and if, if, i have some money in my pocket, i really would like to buy one of his works. well, probably in the future tho lol.

It’s still on in Deus Temple, and make sure you check on it and buy it to support local artist! Enjoy!

For guys that thinks they suck.

Ok, here’s the thing. For me, as i am living a different kind of life in the whole 27 years of my life, i could relate to this at the beginning of my transitional stage. Some people think that me being a guy is about having more lots privilege than myself 5years ago. 

But guess what? By those privilege comes a lot of demand on being a “perfect man” in society. 

This article talks a lot of what i could think of about masculinity and how people perceived man’s world. 

here’s the article by Good Men Project

Happy reading and don’t forget to ask yourself about these things.

Bali, the place where you could see both the future and past blend in.

it’s been 6 months since i moved in to my new place in the middle of denpasar for i need to go “a bit” closer to go to work (i’m working in Ubud by the way). i like my place right now is because it’s mezzanine type of room adn it’s cheaper than the last room i rented. i notice that this building got no address (i’m asking the owner and the owner said, “it’s just at the back of pura, we got no address for the place” lol. but the scenery from my window is just amazing and there’s a building not so far from here that’s fascinating.

at one time i’m curious about this building and decided to take a look. it has a huge field in front of it, kinda like soccer field, and surrounded by rice fields. and gosh, it’s amazing!



i never found this place before, and i’m google it, none. it’s not on the list on google map, even thought this building is actually stand out from the rice field because of it’s bright orange colour.

this place called Alit Rai Pemecutan, it’s on Tibung Raya Street, Denpasar. you’ll find it easily once you get through Kebo Iwa Utara Street, and look for rice fields on the right side of road.

good luck!